Venus Flytrap

Pure or Hybrid: Pure with some hybrid species Type: American; grows readily and is common in the Carolina's. Also in Florida & California. Adult Plant: Varies but averages 4" to 5" in diam- eter and up to 6" tall. Traps vary in size from 1/2" to 1" in length. Lighting: Needs bright light, but not direct sun light. If kept in a greenhouse, it requires 50% shade cloth. Watering: Ideally grown in a bog, so keep them constantly moist or in 1/2" to 3/4" of standing DISTILLED water. Do NOT use tap water as the chemicals will kill the plant! Comments: The plants are facinating but easily killed by watering with tap or bottl- ed water. ONLY distilled water should be used! They require a dormancy period every year from November through January & should be kept in a cool but bright place. During growing season from February through October, they should be kept at temps above 75 degrees and should receive 16 hours of light per day. Do NOT purposely trigger the traps to close! Each trap only triggers about 3 times before it dies! If you want to see it work, use some tweezers and gently wiggle a fresh dead fly inside the trap to trigger the hairs inside so it will close. Once closed it will digest the fly and the trap will re- open in roughly 7 to 14 days. I do not recommend transplanting them as they grow very slowly. The average plant in a 3" container is 3-5 years old! If you do transplant it, ONLY use peat moss and NOTHING else!!! Do NOT press the peat moss around the plant and make it tight. Where I got it: From a local grocery store.
A pic of my plant Coming Soon! Adult Plants Common young plant color. Hybrid veriety; Sawtooth. All green variety. Hybrid variety; Red Dragon. Hybrid variety; Cup. Hybrid variety; Cup. Hybrid variety; Red Piranha. Hybrid variety; Bristle Tooth. Hybrid variety; Low Giant.
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