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Alabama, Lee County		Date Sighted:	03/05/04		From:	Dale Jackson

	Details from the email:

		White red-tail hawk spotted in Lee Co. Alabama.

Alabama {unknown area} Date Sighted: 03/16/11 From: Megan Brown Details from the email: Dear Mr. Horvath, I've got another sighting (and pictures) of a white red-tailed hawk for you. I just found your website through Google. I've seen the bird for 3 days no, and assume it was albino, but I learned from you that it's "just" white. Are you interested in the pictures? None of them are terribly good because I don't have a professional camera, but I got some good close pictures today by taking them through my binoculars. What does it mean on your website where you talk about having "usage rights" for pictures? In other words, what does it mean for me as the person who took the pictures? (Not that any of them are that good, just curious.) Here are the best of the pictures I have. Incidentally, I spoke with somebody from the Alabama Rare Bird Alert and he said he's gotten calls about this bird occasionally for about 6 years, always in the same area. Cheers, Megan Brown Here are the pics that Megan sent:

Alabama {unknown area} Date Sighted: 11/06/11 From: John L. Details from the email: We have had an all white albino hawk who stays on our family land for a few months now. Although we can get up to 100 yards from him we don't have any pics that are acceptable (cell phone only) or I would consider posting them. However I am a little leery of giving out a county or a name to lead too many to him. He is almost always visible from the hwy and not very spooky at all. He also stands out like a sore thumb as he sits in the top of 15 foot tall planted hardwoods, in the middle of a large field, all day against a very dark background. I hope to get back soon with some pics if I can get a clear set. This is just to let you know that west central Alabama is now host to one of these beauti- ful birds, and he seems as relaxed and content as he could be. I hope he can stay that way. We have by far too many out of town pay to hunt visitors, nonstop all through the winter months... John L.
Arizona, Benson Date Sighted: 10/22/12 From: Laurette Kennedy Details from the email: White hawk spotted on Highway 90 near Benson AZ. South of Tucson. WOW Laurette Kennedy
Arizona, Globe Date Sighted: 02/12/11 From: Lauri Hawkins Details from the email: Eddie, Thanks to your web site we were able to determine what the beautiful white bird of prey was we have seen around our house for two years, this will be the third year. We live in Globe, AZ and today is February 12, 2011. At first we thought it was a grey hawk but I got a really good look today. The bird is solid white and flew directly over us at about 100 feet. It does not have any bands on the wings or tail. What a beautiful site. Unfortunately, we did not have our camera available. We now are charging the battery and will be ready for the next time we can get a picture. I will send it to you when I am successful. Laurie Hawkins
Arizona, Tucson Date Sighted: 01/07/06 From: Scott Soyer Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Catalina State Park in Tucson, AZ. Scott Soyer lives in Oro Valley, AZ. White Red-tail hawk spotted 01/07/06 over Catalina State Park near northern Tucson, AZ. Spent several minutes over the valley and met with another red colored red-tail hawk, they circled together several times and separated and then the albino departed east over the mountains. It may return, I hope to get some pictures with zoom next time.

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California, Martin Date Sighted: 12/01/13 From: Donna Ceasar (along Slacker Ridge) Details from the email (Donna posted c/o Golden Gate Raptor Observatory): Today's Marin Headlands highlight: a pure white Red-tailed Hawk traveling down Slacker Ridge. We see tan and patchy white-plumaged Redtails about once a year, but this bird was white white white. Thanks to Steve Bauer for the photo below. More photos and commentary to follow.

California, Redding Date Sighted: 03/02/13 From: Lisa Thomas Details from the email: Lisa found this beautiful leukistic female Bald Eagle. This bird is very popular and has been watched for quite some time over the years. She is single and has never taken a mate according to comments from people who have kept an eye on her over the years. Here are some pics:

California, Sanger Date Sighted: 09/17/13 From: Barbara Marquez Details from the email: Hello there....after learning today that such a thing existed, partial albino red tail, I found your web- site. I'm crazy about photographing raptors and today spotted a leucistic red tail hawk about ten miles from my home here in Sanger, Ca. I had no idea what I had found, but got some pictures and knew that it was beautiful. After checking on-line for similar birds, found your site. Thought I would share with you. Very exciting! Here are the pics she took:

California, Swanton Date Sighted: 12/10/12 From: Lud & Barbara McCrary Details from the email: After seeing an unusual all-white raptor sitting in a Douglas fir tree on our ranch at about 4:30 PM this afternoon, I logged onto the Internet via “white raptor” and found your website. I looked over all the photos others had submitted and decided what we had seen was an albino Red-tailed Hawk. The normal- colored ones are very common here, but not white ones. It took flight and we could see a couple of dark feathers in its tail. It flew back and forth between two tall trees, about two hundred yards apart, and was still there in the fir tree as we passed and left. It was just a few hundred yards from our house. At first I thought it was a barn owl, but we just happened to have a pair of binoculars in our Gator & we stopped to take a closer look. It was very likely an albino Red-tailed Hawk. One of our family told us she had seen such a white bird nearby, some time ago. We thought you might like to know that one has been seen about 1.5 airline miles from the Pacific Ocean near Davenport, CA. Lud & Barbara McCrary Big Creek Ranch Swanton, near Davenport, CA
Canada, St. Armand, Quebec Date Sighted: 01/20/14 From: Stuart Edwards Details from the email: I believe this to be a white redtail hawk. It was very far and I had to crop quite a bit. Taken in St. Armand, Quebec, Canada. About 2 miles from the U.S. border. Here are the pics he took:

Colorado, Austin Bluffs Pwkay Date Sighted: 06/30/08 From: Patti Kryzanowski Details from the email: We saw the bird for the 2nd time on 30 June, 2008. It was flying around a rocky bluff located near the intersection of Union and Austin Bluffs Pkway in Colorado Springs at 12:30 p.m. I don’t recall the first time I saw it-but it was within the last year. I was not 100% convinced that what I had seen at the first sighting was an albino hawk. We saw the hawk in the same exact area though. The second time the hawk was flying with another redtail hawk-and that made it much easier to identify as a hawk because you could compare the two birds as they flew together. They also exhibited very hawk like flying styles catching wind over the bluff and riding thermals. My daughter, her boyfriend and I all agreed it was a hawk. When I saw the bird, I said to my daughter-look over on that bluff and tell me what you see flying over there and she responded-WOW, a white hawk. I had not told her about seeing the hawk the first time. My daughter and I are both Native American, so we are constantly watching for hawks-so she certainly knows hawks in flight. I have told a friend of mine who is a wildlife photographer about the hawk. He is going to that area to see if any of the residents in that area know where the birds are, or have seen them. He said he will try to get a picture of the bird(s). Will let you know if he is able to get some good pictures. Sighting #2 Date Sighted: 12/27/08 From: D. Scott Leggett Details from the email: I received the following email today, 12/29/08, about another sighting. Here is the email: On December 27, 2008 my wife saw an albino Redtail hawk sitting on a telephone pole at the intersection of Brenner Place and Austin Bluffs Parkway in Colorado Springs. This intersection is about a quarter mile east of the intersection that was mentioned in the 6/30/08 posting by Patti Kryzanowski. These two streets border Palmer Park in Colorado Springs which is a mountainous, wilderness type park made up of large craggy bluffs and open mesas. We live in Boulder County which is 90 miles north of Colorado Springs and see Redtails every day but have never seen a white one before. I was driving the car and did not see the bird so we found your site after returning home. Thank you for a great site. My Thanks, D. Scott Leggett
Colorado, Florissant Date Sighted: Sept. 08 From: Sam Krabenhoft Details from the email: Sam Krabenhoft had a partial albino hawk come and sit on his sweat lodge. He lives in Florissant, CO. He is going to try and get a pic of it for the listing. If so I will post it as soon as it comes in.
Colorado, Pueblo Date Sighted: 07/12/08 From: Justin Nobel Details from the email: On September 30, 2008 I was interviewd by Justin Nobel of the
Audubonmagazine.org1 web site to discuss albinism and white raptors. This interview came to be because of an amazing find of a leukistic golden eagle that was entered into a rehab center in Pueblo, CO. Here is an exert from the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo: On July 12, 2008 our raptor facilities admitted a very unique patient, a leucistic golden eagle. Leucism also refered to as partial albinism, is a genetic condition where the bird's cells contains pigments, but not all of the pigments are turned on. In albinism, the animal has no pigmentation. The eagle (ID# 08-4082) is currently convelescing from a soft tissue injury to the left shoulder and extensive damage to its feathers. His recovery will take some time and there is no projected release date. For now he needs rest, good food and time. Here is a pic of that amazing bird:
1 This is a blog site. To read the article, scroll down the list to the article title "Rare White Eagle Stirs Souls".
Colorado, Ridgeway Date Sighted: 11/26/09 From: Terri Marie Details from the email: Hi I came across your website and was in awe over the Albino Red Tails. I wondered if you think this is a partial albino Eagle. I've never seen one like this before. This was shot in Ridgway, CO a couple months ago on 11/26/09. Thanks. Terri Marie

Colorado, Snowmass Village Date Sighted: 04/20/11 From: Macky Details from the email: Hi, Today my son, Joaquin, and I spotted an albino, red-tailed hawk near our home in Snowmass Village, Colorado. It happened just 30 minutes ago and I am returning to see if I can get a few fotos. Cheers, Macky
Colorado, Westminster Date Sighted: 09/01/04 From: Donna Nespoli Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Westminster, CO. We have had a white Red-Tail with a full red tail (Every- thing else is white and his beak and legs are yellow) living here for years. He has even been in the news- paper! The first time I saw it I was working on a prairie dog relocation next to the Westminster Rec Center. He is a regular hunter at this particular p-dog colony, and his mate is normal color. Glad to see your site! Sighting #2 Date Sighted: 06/23/07 From: Allen Whiteman Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Westminster, CO. Emailand pics arrived today from Allen Whiteman which could possibly be the same one spotted on 09/01/04 from Donna Nespoli who is listed above. Here are two pics that Allen took of the gorgous bird:
Sighting #3 Date Sighted: 03/13/08 From: Lynn Stanley Details from the email: I was excited to find your site and to find that someone has posted sightings in westminster. I have fol- lowed this bird for many years and watched him get moved at least 3 times. I am attaching two pics. Nei- ther is very good quality as they are pictures of pictures. Crashed my computer and lost all my pics. But you can see if you enlarge some of the red tail detail. He is truly a magnificent bird and does have a large red tail mate. I have never seen chicks come from the nest however, my son says that two years ago there were chicks in the nest. Enjoy. (my personal opinion of the two pics from the gentleman in Westminster is that it is not the same bird as the sighting from Donna at 104th across from the rec center, which is where our bird currently can be found) you can notice the definite red in the tail and he also has black under the wing which is noticeable when he flies.) Thank you for your site. Here are a couple pics that Lynn sent:
Sighting #4 Date Sighted: 04/20/10 From: Pat Gaines Details from the email: I enjoyed your blog on the albino or partial albino red tail hawks. I’ve attached some photos of one from Westminster, CO, taken on April 20th, 2010. I don’t know if it is the same one or a descendant of the one reported previously on your site. It has a distinctive tail marking with about one and a quarter red feathers, which are the only colored feathers is has. It was seen at Margaret’s Pond just East of 104th and Sheridan. - Pat {here are the 3 pics Pat took}:

Connecticut, New Hartford Date Sighted: 01/13/13 From: Timothy L. Marugg Details from the email: We just found your website while trying to identify a white raptor in a tree behind our house. It seems to be an albino red-tailed hawk. It’s too far away (200 yds) to get a photo with today’s high humidity/haze, but I can see it pretty well with a Nikon spotting scope. Will snap a photo if it lets us. Thanks for the great reference photos. Timothy L Marugg

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Florida, Lake Wells Date Sighted: 06/18/09 From: Ray Cuzzone Details from the email: I was doing some research and found your web site. I thought this was an Albino Red Tail? Mt. Lake is a housing community in Lake Wales FL, dead center of peninsular Florida. This was taken with a camera phone. He or she was solid white. I will try to get a better picture with my camera. We were laying sod yesterday and I saw this guy in a yard at Mt. Lake. I think it is an albino red tail hawk!

A white, or 'partial albino' red-tail hawk. Pic received 06/19/09. Photo credit by Ray Cuzzone.

Florida, Sanford Date Sighted: 01/15/06 From: Wanda Rublee Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Sanford, FL in the Wekiva National Park at 7:15 a.m. by Wanda Rublee. Here is what she wrote: Hi Mr. Horvath: We have recently moved into a new housing development which only has about 8 residents at this time and since we are on the edge of the Wekiva National Park we have expected to see the Florida black bear and panther. The bear shows up in our yard every night at nine p.m. This morning January 15, 2006, at 7:15 a.m. in Wekiva Park we saw an Albino or White Raptor sail out of the old oak trees to the ground to feed on something and the whiteness and wing span was awesome. Having no camera handy we did not get a picture. But the thrill of seeing such a rare bird was tremendous. Wanda Rublee, Wekiva Park, Sanford, Florida 32771.

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Iowa, Des Moines Date Sighted: 04/02/11 From: Brian Nelson Details from the email: Please find attached two photographs of an all-white raptor seen today in Des Moines, IA. The tree it is in is located at 6215 Edwards Ave, Des Moines, IA.

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Kentucky, LBL Date Sighted: 01/08/09 From: Randall Angle Details from the email: I received an email on 01/26/09 from Randall Angle who spotted a partial albino at the Northern portion of LBL (Land Between the Lakes) in Western Kentucky sitting on one of the wooden power poles.

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Massachusetts, Bdeford Date Sighted: 09/20/09 From: Kevin & Paul Details from the email: My brother who lives in Bedford, MA took this picture yesterday of what we believes is an albino Hawk. Can you tell us if this is an Albino hawk. Here is the pic Paul, Kevin's brother took of the bird:

A white, or 'partial albino' red-tail hawk. Pic received 09/20/09. Photo credit by Paul Ringuette.

Michigan, Drexel Date Sighted: 10/22/04 From: David Phillips Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Drexel, MI. The hawk has been near his parents home for the past 2 years. Here is a pic of it in flight.
A white, or 'partial albino' red-tail hawk in flight. Pic received 10/22/04. Photo credit by David Phillips.

Michigan, Monroe Date Sighted: 09/07/04 From: Andrew Sturgess Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Monroe, MI. He noted that they couldn't positively identify it but it was a hawk by size and had yellow feet. It was originally sitting on a pole and then flew directly overhead.
Minnesota, Western, HWY 28 Date Sighted: 04/03/13 From: Cal Larson Details from the email: Driving in western Minnesota on Hwy 28, I spotted a white hawk, or what I thought was a white hawk until I researched it and found that white hawks are not found in this part of the country (and rarely in North America if at all). I found your website and decided it probably was an albino red-tailed hawk. I could only see its underside. It was all white expect for the very edges of its wings, which had some black. (It was very similar to some pictures of white hawks I've seen. VERY similar.) It was not big enough to be an albino bald eagle, and the shape of the head was different. It was definitely a hawk's head, not eagle's. I notice some people on your website have spotted some white birds (possibly like this one) in Wisconsin. Granted, Wisconsin borders Minnesota to the east not west, but it still is more or less close to where I was. Have you had any similar sightings from people in Minnesota? PS. I would not rule out it being a falcon of some kind (based on the size), but I haven't found as many references to this possibility. Best Regards.
Mississippi, Collins Date Sighted: 01/27/10 From: Andrea Kirkley Details from the email: Eddie, A couple of people at work kept telling us that they saw this big white bird out in the back of our school. We didn't believe them, until today when I got a picture of him. We looked it up and he looks very much like the birds on your website. I noticed there weren't any MS sightings (I may have overlooked one), so we thought MS should be represented. Hope you enjoy! This bird is not a stranger; He's been spotted on multiple occasions by many people that work here. Andrea Kirkley, Collins, MS"

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New Jersey, Piscataway Date Sighted: 03/19/11 From: Peter Horvath Details from the email: Hello Mr. Horvath. This is Peter Horvath. I found your website with Google this evening. This afternoon, I was driving on Metlars Lane near Rutgers in Piscataway, New Jersey when I spotted this white bird sitt- ing in a tall oak at the edge of a wooded area. I pulled a U-turn to investigate-and my initial guess was that it was a Snowy Owl - - a bird that is seen this far south every two or three years in the dead of winter. But it's March 19, too late for that. When I stopped the car and got my camera, the hawk had taken flight and I got these four shots before it disappeared into the woods. I guess it was a redtail - but I though it looked more like an accipiter. What do you think? Peter Horvath Lancaster County PA

New York, Amenia Date Sighted: 10/04/09 From: Ona Kiser Details from the email: Hello - spotted an albino Red-tailed Hawk today. Thought it was a Snowy Owl, because I'd never heard of albino red tails. Ran it by our resident bird writer, and he said he saw it about a mile from where we saw it back in the spring. Sadly had no camera and never got closer than 50 yards or so (we were on horseback). It was near Sharon Station Road in Amenia, NY, in some fields on a hill up behind a large pond. Found your site while looking for pictures to compare to what I saw and thought I'd send this in case you are still collecting reports. Nice site! Cheers, Ona Kiser, Sharon, CT".
New York, Columbia County Date Sighted: February 2010 From: Steve Stofelano Details from the email: Email arrived on 04/14/10. A couple of months ago (February) while driving home, north on Rt. 9H in Col- umbia County, NY opposite the Airport, about 4:30 pm I spotted what I thought was a Snowy Owl fly into some tall blue spruce trees. This morning about 7am within a few hundred feet of the first sighting I saw “the bird” again! This time perched though looking like Red Tail Hawk. I turned around and stopped, watch- ing it until it flew off. It was an albino......leukistic red tail hawk!! OMG! Need to get a photo. Thanks for your helpful info. Steve Stofelano, Jr. Albany, NY
Sighting #2 Date Sighted: 09/06/11 From: Nancy Details from the email: Eddie, I was driving along Rt. 9 in Columbia County and sighted the same albino red tail that I read about on your page (posted 4/10). Too far to get a pic but in exact same place Steve saw it!! Steve Stofelano, Jr. Albany, NY I’ll keep my eyes open and see if can get closer next time!! Cool! Thank you for posting this page…we had no idea what it was! Nancy
Sighting #3 Date Sighted: 03/19 & 03/20 2013 From: Holly Steuerwald, DVM Details from the email: Hi-Just wanted to let you know that the white redtail that has been sighted in Columbia County NY (near Hudson) the past few years is still there. I sighted him (her?) on March 19 and 20th at 5:30 pm both days perched high in a tree on the Columbia County Airport's property. Very white except for flashes of black wing feathers in flight and the buffy/reddish tail only visible in flight. Really exciting to see! But sadly, no pics! On the 20th there was a normally pigmented redtail perched much lower in the same tree. Thanks for all the info on your site!
Sighting #4 Date Sighted: 03/05/14 From: Alan Lampson Details from the email: I saw the attached bird two days ago in the exact same spot that you have had two other sightings of albino red tails in past years. I thought at first it was a snowy owl, but have since come to believe it is a red-tail. Second email: New York State Route 9H across the road from the Columbia County Airport, this is a Redtail Hawk right?

New York, Fishers Date Sighted: 10/14/04 From: Pat Deuel Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Fishers, NY. Pat works for Pooler Enterprises.
New York, Knox Date Sighted: 09/09/04 From: Tim Sweeney Details from the email: White red-tail spotted in Knox, NY.
North Carolina, Hayesville Date Sighted: 01/16/10 From: Chris Thurmond Details from the email: Mr. Horvath, my name is Chris Thurmond. I found your website concerning white redtailed hawks. I work for the local telephone company in Hayesville, NC. I saw a mostly white red-tailed hawk today, Saturday, Jan 16, 2010. It was very exciting; the only one I have ever heard of. No one beleived me. I didn't happen to have a camera. I went home, googled white redtailed hawk, found your site. Thanks for the pic- tures. Now I have some proof they do exsist."
North Carolina, Triad Area Date Sighted: 04/27/04 From: Fred Fogg Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in the Triad Area of NC.

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Ohio, Breksville Date Sighted: 07/15/10 From: Susan Brewer Details from the email: I work at "The Birdhouse" an outdoor nature store in Madison, Indiana. My father, who drives trucks in Northern Ohio, just called to tell me he saw a "white" Red-tail hawk while driving the Ohio turnpike near Brecksville. It few down the side of the road, across in front of his truck at windshield height, then down the embankment on the opposite side of the road. He said he got a good, long look at it, and it couldn't be anything else. I was wondering if anyone else has reported seeing this bird? Your site is FAB, keep up the good work. Susan Brewer Madison, Indiana

Ohio, Lucasville Date Sighted: 01/13/04 From: Randy Rucker Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Lucasville, OH. This bird is a female and raised two normal colored young last year.
Ohio, Massillon Date Sighted: 11/19/09 From: Bruce Chapman Details from the email: Hi Eddie, I saw an albino Redtail yesterday, 11/19/09, on the west side of Massillon Ohio. It looked to be mature and in very good health. I was not able to take a picture but it is a memory I will always have. I noticed in your website that a Ron Warner has seen this bird. I know a Ron Warner and if it is him it may be the same bird. The only thing is he said it was partial, I got pretty close and saw only white? But it is probably the same bird. Bruce Chapman"
Ohio, {unknown area} Date Sighted: 02/24/07 From: Ron Warner Details from the email: Partial albino red-tail hawk first spotted in Ohio on 02/24/07. The hawk has stayed in the same area and has been spotted by Ron Warner on a daily basis. Chances are good that it may stay and take a mate! Here are pics that he took of the gorgous bird:
Additional pics that Ron took which I received on 03/19/11:

Oklahoma, Calumet Date Sighted: 11/08/08 From: Amy Estep Details from the email: Glad to find your website! I just saw what I think was a partial albino red tail hawk near Calumet, OK. It was swooping down after something in a wheat field when it caught my eye. I turned around to get another look, and it flew up on a telephone pole. I followed it for about a half a mile by car because I couldn't believe my eyes! I couldn't find my camera so only have some really crummy pics from my cell phone camera (could send them to you if you are interested). But for one mottled feather in each wing (only visible in flight), it was completely white. It must not have been a true albino as the eyes were dark and the legs had pigment. Amy Estep {I advised her to send the cell phone pics. As of February 14, 2014 I have never received them}

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Pennsylvania, Lake Wallenpaupack Date Sighted: 04/30/10 From: Pat Biskey Details from the email: I was in my yard today and was watching two crow chasing what I at first thought was a seagull. But then I realized that it was a Redtail hawk but it was 100% white! It was Hovering about 100 feet up as the crows teased it and before we could get our camera it was gone. I came back briefly but was catching a draft and soon was too high for a picture or the crows. I live next to Lake Wallenpaupack in Northeast PA. This was the first sighting in my life of a white hawk so I decided to look it up and stumbled across your page.

Pennsylvania, Montrose Date Sighted: 04/20/04 From: Hilary Caws Elwitt Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Montrose, PA
Sighting #2 Date Sighted: 11/10/12 From: Lori Wentzel Details from the email: Hello, I wanted to let you know that around 2:30 today while traveling on Route 706 approx 10 miles out- side of Montrose PA. I saw a completly white hawk. I plugged this in and found your web page and saw that back in 2004 there was a spotting around Montrose PA. It was a very special thing to see sitting in the tree and I was priviledged to see it once I realized my eyes were not playing tricks on me. This bird was completely white! Thank you for recording these sightings. Lori Wentzel
Pennsylvania, Quakertown Date Sighted: 02/03/10 From: Bob Details from the email: Hi, I saw an albino hawk today. I was driving near Quakertown, Pa. It flew into a tree. I went back to observe it in the tree and it was absolutely pure white. It then flew away and I watched it land. When I drove to the landing area I saw it circling above for several minutes. It was awesome. Is this very rare? Sincerely, Bob
Pennsylvania, Stoystown Date Sighted: 03/12/12 From: John 08/13/12 Tim Healy Details from the email: Greeting, Today while visiting Flight 93 memorial 3/12/12 I took these pics of a large white bird. I asked Ranger Adam what type of bird it might be. He informed me it was an albino or near albino red tailed hawk. Luckily in one pic we can see the red. Regards, John
Update on the listing and 2 pics above from John. This email arived on 08/15/12 on its sighting again: Great site and amazing photos. I wanted to tell you that the Albino Red Tail referenced below {above} is still alive and well. We saw him at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA on 8/13/12. Tim Healy {personal note, the 2nd sighting was in Shanksville but the location listed for the memorial is in Stoystown so I am a bit confused as to where it really is.}

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South Carolina, Spartanburg Date Sighted: 03/08/03 From: Tim Trott Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Spartanburg, SC

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Tennessee {unknown area} Date Sighted: 01/17/10 From: Jamie Details from the email: I believe I saw one of these birds while deer hunting. I have seen him frequently and just looked on the web to see what he is. We have many red tails in middle Tennessee, but I had never seen a hawk that was all white with black wing tips. Deer season is over but, I'll try to go "hunting" again, just to get some photos. If you are interested, I'll send you some. Jamie" {As of February 22, 2013 no pics have arrived.}

Tennessee, Lascassas Date Sighted: 10/14/10 From: Jessica Conley Salazar Details from the email: My mom & I were driving down the road we live in Lascassas, Tennessee on 10/14/2010. My mom noticed a big white thing in the top of a tree and stopped the car. It looked like a white hawk to us. There are a lot of regular hawks in this area and it is the first time we have ever seen a white hawk. I had my camera with me and was able to take a couple shots. I found your webpage while looking it up online. Jessica Conley Salazar Here are two pics Jessica took of the bird:

Texas, Athens Date Sighten: 12/08/02 From: Kelly Ireland Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Athens, TX
Texas, Goldsboro/Silver Spring Date Sighted: 02/16/09 From: Sharon Mackie Details from the email: Yesterday while driving in central TX from Goldsboro to Silver Spring on Highway 84 I saw a solid white hawk. I didn't have a camera or a pair of binoculars, but it was close enough for me to see it well. As soon as I got home to Austin I looked online and found your web page and was so happy to see the photos of the white red-tail hawk on your site. It's clearly the bird I saw. What an awesome treat to see such a beautiful bird! Thanks for helping me to identify it!
Texas, Goldthwait Date Sighted: 10/15/10 From: Chris Acree Details from the email: Eddie, I saw this albino Hawk on Hwy 16 south of Goldthwait going to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area this past Friday around 10:00am. I was suprised to see it and took as many photos as I could before it flew away. It was a beautiful bird. When I got back home I googled Albino Hawk and found this web page. I found this web page to be very informative and helped identify what I had saw. I would also be honored to be added to your list. Chris lives in Benbrook, TX. Sincerely, Chris Acree Here are some pics that Chris took of this beautiful bird:

Texas, North East Date Sighted: 12/01/13 From: Gary Stubbs Details from the email: Love the page with albino hawks. This one was spotted in North East Texas. I don’t know about the albino. His backside is very symmetrical. I will try to send more. He is definitely a rare and beautiful bird. Gary Stubbs Here is a pic he took of the bird:

Texas, Point/Lone Oak Date Sighted: 09/24/07 From: Robert Adler Details from the email: White red-tail spotted on Highway 69 between Point and Lone Oak, TX. It was near the Rains and Hunt county line. Here is a pic of it taken by Robert:
A white, or 'partial albino' red-tail hawk. Pic received 09/30/07. Photo credit by Robert Adler.

Sighting #2 Date Sighted: 03/20/08 From: Pam Tignor Details from the email: Taken summer of 2007, East Texas near Lone Oak. Unfortunately a few weeks later we found this hawk dead. It had been hit by a car. Here are a couple pics taken by Pam:

Sighting #3 Date Sighted: 12/13/09 & 12/17/09 From: Robert and Sharon Adler Details from the email: A partial albino red-tail hawk was spotted by Robert Adler in Rains County just north of the intersection of FM 514 and US 69 in Point, Texas on 12/13/09 between 3:00 to 4:00 pm. The hawk was spotted again by Sharon Adler on 12/17/09 in the same area around the same time of day. Sharon Adler" Here are pics of the bird:

Sighting #4 Date Sighted: 03/14/13 From: Eric W. Hodel Details from the email: I saw what appeared to be a white hawk today on a power line. It was solid white. I was driving and only caught a short look at it. I read here about a sighting outside Point, TX and Lone Oak, TX some time ago. This was in that exact area on Hwy 69. It was seen about 1:30 p.m.
Texas, Goliad County Dates Sighted: 11/11/98 From: Jimmy Jackson 02/11/00 Jimmy Jackson Details from the email: These are the markings: 1. 90% white overall - head and chest snow white 2. Eyes black, beak black, legs yellow 3. Top of tail is rufous and white, probably 2/3 of tail feathers are rufous and the other 1/3 are white. 4. Top of wings are white and have dark streaks at elbow. 5. I never got an under view of the wings. *added- under wings mirror above, dark streaks at carpal bend and extending to outer primary flight feathers. Under tail is dark, but is probably rufous with better light. Here are pics of that bird:

Sighting #2 Date Sighted: 12/20/08 From: Ryan Ramsey Details from the email: Ireceived an email today from Ryan Ramsey who has spotted this partial albino in the Goliad/Bee Counties. He's seen the bird 3 times in the same spot. Here are some pics:

Sighting #3 Date Sighted: 12/17/06 From: Liza Bridge Details from the email: I first saw this bird in Feb. 04 and just had a short glimpse at 200 yards away, but others had seen the bird well. Continued getting reports in 2005. In early December 2006 received a good photo from a local man, Scott Smejkal. Drove out there on December 17 & found the bird easily & got some diagnostic pictures w/ 400 lens. The pictures had to be zoomed and cropped but did show nearly all the marks. This bird had some small dark marking on its upper neck and looked dirty yellow/orange below. The tail had a orangish tint but the overall appearance of the bird from a distance was totally white. Here are pics of that bird from Liza Bridge:

Texas, Robertson County Date Sighted: 12/06/13 From: Julianne Hoose Details from the email: I spotted a bird today that was too awesome to not report somewhere, but there seem to be a dearth of places to do so. This would be in Robertson county, TX, near the rural school that my children attend. I saw a large white bird fly over my car on my way to pick up my kids. On the way back home, we got a much better view. I was confused having never seen a white raptor, but it was clearly a raptor. The bird was fully white other than dark primary feathers and a few dark tail feathers, beak and legs were yellow. It was clearly not a hawk by wing shape and flight (and frankly, just a bit too big). After getting home and looking up several identification sites (including yours, thanks!), I am quite confident that it was an osprey. The way that it flew was very distinctive. I never knew that raptors could be leucistic. This has now taken its place as the coolest bird sighting I have experienced. I hope that the bird is staying in the area, and not in the process of migrating. I would love to see it again (preferably with camera in tow).
Texas, Wise County Date Sighted: 11/08/12 From: Robin Gober Details from the email: Hello, I found your site today when trying to learn about the white red tail hawk I had to run out of my chicken pen. My guineas were raising heck and I looked out the window to see that a huge white bird had one of my hens pinned to the ground. The dog and I ran out, trying to figure out what in the world kind of bird it could be. We have had a problem with red tail hawks and I have been keeping my chickens penned up, with wires criss-crossed over the pen, and long ribbons tied to the wires, in an attempt to discourage the hawks from coming into the pen after the chickens. (I haven't been too successful; I have even had a young red tail hawk get into my smaller pen which is completely enclosed by chicken wire on ALL sides including top, by flying through the small open gate..that was a fun day trying to guide that bird out of there!) Anyway I found that the chicken-attacking bird was a white red tail hawk when it got itself backed into a corner of the fence and then couldn't fly out. I got a great look at him since I was able to get within about six feet of him and we got to stare at each other for about a minute while we both tried to figure out what to do next. My gosh, he was gorgeous. I guess he finally decided he had nothing to lose by try- ing so he just flapped like crazy and managed to fly out of the pen. I had no idea that white red tail hawks are rare, although I had never seen one before. I still don't want him (or any of his friends or family) coming here to dine on my poultry, but I have a new respect for and desire to learn about raptors since reading your site and others, and I am even looking forward to seeing the white bird again. I hope to be able to get some pictures of him and will send them to you if I do. (FYI, I am in Wise County, Texas.) Robin Gober

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Utah, Fairview Date Sighted: 12/16/06 From: Eddie Horvath Details from myself, the webmaster: I, the owner of this page, spotted a partial albino Bald Eagle in Fairview, UT sitting with two adult Bald Eagles. I tried to get a pic of it using my digital camera but it didn't turn out because it was too far away and I had forgotten to take my 35mm camera and lenses with me. This bird was a sub 2 by the 1/2 brown 1/2 white of the head and tail. It's breast, wings and back were about 60 percent white and it had its beautiful yellow beak and feet. However, the white in the head and tail could have also been part of the leukistic color.

Utah, SLC Date Sighted: 12/27/12 From: Rebecca Butcher Details from the email: {Rebecca is a great falconer here in Utah.} Saw a Leucistic Red Tailed hawk was pretty incred- ible!! I have a couple more pictures of her too but they are a bit more blurry than this one. This bird has been hangin around since last year (according to my sources).

Unknown Date Sighted: 08/05/11 From: Chrissy Littler Details from the email: Hello, I found your website while researching an all white bird we saw last Friday night. We were riding four wheelers on a country road when I saw the big white bird about 100 yards away perched on a cottonwood branch. At first my friends thought it was a plastic grocery bag caught in the tree, but then it took flight across the pasture and into the woods, re-appearing on the tree line. He made a sound and so we knew it was a hawk. If you look closely he is the little white dot on the ridge of the tree line. We're going to search for him tonight and try to get more photos. I just thought you would be interested. Regards, Chrissy Littler {Photo not included as you could not see the bird, not even in a blown up version using PhotoShop. A loc- ation was not stated and she did not reply back to my email.}

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Virginia, Rappahannock county Date Sighted: 04/07/07 From: Linda Muller Summer 2007 Jim Burnham Details from the email: Another partial albino red-tail hawk has been spotted by Linda Muller in Rappahannock County, VA. Here is what she wrote to me: We spotted an albino red tail hawk off of Route 211 (west) on our way to Amissville Virginia in Rappahan- nock County, VA. We were driving W. on Route 211 just out of Warrenton VA when we noticed a white bird perching on a branch just off the road. It was so unusual we turned around and passed the spot again. We knew it looked like a hawk but were taken back by its pure white color. Our brother-in-law is a former falconer and he told us that it could be an albino red-tail hawk. After viewing your pictures - there is no doubt it is an albino red tail. We hope to get some photos in the near future. Thanks for your site. Summer 2007 - Here is what Jim Burnham wrote: "I enjoyed reading your articles on albino raptor sightings. Surely it is such a rare and memorable occ- urence to cross paths with an albino or partial albino creature of any sort. I am lucky enough to be one of those individuals to see a partial albino red-tailed hawk in the wild. During the summer of 2007, I was home from college and staying on my family's farm in central Connecticut. I wasn't working at the time so I spent a lot of my time hiking the surrounding farm land, looking for wildlife. Around 11:00 am one morning I was walking in the back yard when I spotted a large white bird perched 75 ft atop a huge Black Locust tree. Before I could get a good look at the bird, it swooped off it's perch into a nearby field. I ran into the house and yelled at my brother, screaming about snowy owls and mystical birds. He quickly followed me outside and down a path towards the meadow in which I had last seen the bird flying. Looking to the sky, I panted and swore to my skeptical brother about the amazing creature I had just seen. Then, by some sort of miracle, the beautiful white bird flew directly overhead, through several large pine trees, and again dissapeared in the landscape. Did you see it? I told you I wasn't crazy! That was f#@%ing awesome, I yelled at him. He shared my excitement, but with a little more conservancy. At the time I still had no clue what it might have been. After doing a bit of research online, I came to the conclusion that it must have been a partial albino RT\ hawk. After the original sighting I spotted the bird soaring very high in the sky on 2 additional occass- ions. The nesting sight must have been in the area, however I was never able to locate it. I moved away after school and haven't seen the hawk since although I have since become very interested in raptors and falconry. If my albino RT hawk is still around, I think I'll be the first to see her. It was a very memorable experience for me, one that I will never forget".

Virginia, Rockingham Date Sighted: 12/15/09 From: Michael Saunders Details from the email: A fellow coworker was out placing a street sign on California Ridge Trail in Briery Branch in Rockingham County, VA and spotted this bird. After doing some research, I believe it may be an Albino Red Tailed Hawk. It was injured with a broken foot and allowed her to get VERY close, as evidenced by the photograph. She has contacted the local wildlife office and an officer attempted to capture it but it flew to a high branch in a tree out of reach. Here are the pics he took:

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Washington, Skagit Valley Date Sighted: 01/26/14 From: Sammy Catiis (off Rawlings Road) Details from the email: Hey, thought you would like to know.. this was just off Rawlings Rd.. way out in the field. I wish I would have noticed what it was, I would have tracked it and gotten a better picture. Looks like a first year. I did get several shots, this is kinda the best for this one. There were 14 eagles enjoying a feast of Snow Geese. Through the lens, I thought it looked odd to see a Red Tail in the mix.. didn't look right. The other times, I didn't even notice it, it blended too well with the field. So to be on the look out for sure. It's hard to tell from that distance to say a Leucistic or Albino. Cannot see the eyes or other coloration. And as an Immature, it sure could be an albino. As an adult, it would be a Leucistic, but it is clearly a first or Second year. Here is a pic of the beautiful leukistic Bald Eagle he too:

Here is another pic sent to me on April 24, 2016 of this beautiful bird:
Camera: Canon EOS 60D (18.0 megapixels) Lens: Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Info: 1/200 sec., ISO-160 +2bias, Spot Metering

West Virginia, Burton Date Sighted: 10/27/08 From: Rhonda Kuhn Details from the email: I was really excited to find your web site. On our way home from church yesterday morning we saw a large white bird flying in the sky. We pulled off the side of the road and got out of the car and watched the bird circle until it flew out of site. It had the same look as a red tailed hawk and assumed it must be an albino hawk. We have seen a white bird sitting in the trees in the same area and without having a close look, thought it to be an owl. Now I am wondering if this has been the same bird. Do hawks tend to remain in one area? Thank you, Rhonda Kuhn Burton, WV
West Virginia, Charleston Date Sighted: 09/23/04 From: Lori Details from the email: A cream colored, melanistic red-tail hawk. Lori and her husband were driving through there when they seen it.
West Virginia, Core Dates Sighted: 11/22/02 From: Kimberly c. Thomas Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Core, WV
West Virginia, Morgantown Date Sighted: 10/05/11 From: David Details from the email: Not sure if you would want this pic but I found your page on white red tailed hawks and think that may be what we spotted on 9/24/11 in Morgantown WV. We were on Pierpont Road and headed to a Sat football game when I noticed this bird way in the distance. Maybe you can confirm what I saw or hopefully will find this useful. It was very far so the photo is going to be grainy probably. Regards, David

Wisconsin, Janesville Date Sighted: 04/19/11 From: Elinor Glynn Details from the email: Just thought I would put in my two cents in about this beautiful bird, which I have seen here in extreme S. Wisconsin. It's very shy of people and you can't get closer than 500 ft. As such, I have only been able to see it from different angles, where ever it perches. Although I didn't dream it would be an all white hawk, I realize that makes the most sense. It's most often scene in the late winter, early spring. That last time I saw it was about 2 weeks ago, when there was snow on the ground and the hawk was in a grove of black trees. It just shown like a white light, sitting up in a tree on the edge. Thank you for writing about it and for everyone's stories and pictures. Elinor Glynn Janesville, Wi
Wisconsin, Mosinee Date Sighted: 02/11/13 From: Eugene Osero Details from the email: Located between Mosinee and Wausau, Wisconsin on Hwy X. My wife saw the white bird and had to drive where there was farm land and road in a triangle, so we could get different locations when it flew. Eugene Osero Here are pics of this beautiful bird:

Wisconsin, Sheboygan Date Sighted: 07/14/04 From: Sue Behr Details from the email: White red-tail hawk spotted in Sheboygan, WI; Sue noted the hawk was solid white with NO other coloring what so ever and it may have had pink eyes but it was flying away too fast for a hard look at the eyes.

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Stories & Articles

Get ready for a SPECIAL treat! A HUGE, SPECIAL, THANK YOU goes out to Dr. Ruth Boll, DVM for these pics. She is a veterinary advisor for a licensed rehabilitator, Melody Olaker, but doesn't currently hold a license until she gets a rehab facility for herself. She is a 'relief' veterinarian and substitute for other veterinarians when they are out of the office for vacation or continuing education. The first hawk was treated at Guardian Animal Hospital in Ashland, Ky. Dr. MJ Wixsom (a friend and colleague) was the vet of record on this one. Ruth was subbing for her for a week when she took the pictures. The second, darker hawk was taken in by Melody Olaker, a rehabilitator in Lucasville, Ohio. She treated it initial- ly until Ruth could take its care on. Currently, it is being hospitalized at Guardian Animal Hospital for Ruth until its antibiotic course is completed. The first hawk was shot (not the first time it was as there were previous wounds) and the other was brought in with minor injuries. The gunshot victim was released in the spring of 2002 in Ashland, Kentucky and the other one with the minor injuries will be released this weekend (around March 13, 2004). For more info place your mouse on each pic. Even though these are both called "partial albinos", neither really is albino. They are actually "white" red-tails. Also notice the differences between the two. One has a pale beak and talons while the darker one has a dark beak and dark talons. Notice the missing Patagial Marks in the darker bird while it is being held up with the wings open!'re my new BEST FRIEND and thanks again!

'Albino' Red-Tail Hawk; in all actuality it is a white hawk since there is still (melanin) pigmintation in some feathers and the eyes are not pink. A leukistic-morph Red-Tail at The Lindsay Wildlife Museum.
	Update on photo above: I have recently corrisponded with the Director of External Affairs, Sherrill Cook, from the
	Lindsay Wildlife Museum.  She informed me today, March 11, 2003 that the bird pictured above died approximately 5
	years ago of old age.

This is an article that was sent to me by someone from Texas. I will quote it as written for your information. [The larger pics of the "albino's" were supplied by myself and were not part of the article. They are simply added for your viewing pleasure].

Rare hawk's killing upsets Bee residents

"In an act of senseless destruction that shocked and saddened many, a rare white bird of prey that charmed South Texans was shot and its lifeless body left on a two-lane road in Bee County, not far from where it had made its home for several years.
'Albino' Red-Tail Hawk; in all actuality it is a white hawk since there is still (melanin) pigmintation in some feathers and the eyes are not pink. An "Albino" Red-Tail hawk in Flight.
Photo by Jimmy Jackson
Jimmy Jackson, a real estate broker who first saw the bird in October 1995 while looking for ranch property, said the oddly colored red-tail hawk was a local favorite. "We've all kept track of the bird," Jackson said. "It's kind of a friend to everyone up here." Now authorities are searching for whoever shot the federally protected hawk about a week before Christmas, and a reward fund of up to $1,000 has been established. John Karger, executive director of the Last Chance Forever Bird of Prey Conservancy, said that while red-tail hawks are limited to North America, they are very common - although red-tail hawks with white feathering are unusual. "As a scientist and a biologist, I find them kind of freaky," said Karger, who uses a live white red-tail hawk in demonstrations to educate people about birds of prey. "The average citizen loves white red-tails. I don't know why that is, but it's a great phenomenon." Henry Kendall, a master falconer in St. Louis who has tracked reports of white red-tail hawks for more than a decade reports of about 600 sightings of the oddly colored red-tails throughout North America.
An "Albino" Red-Tail hawk perching.
Photo by Jimmy Jackson
"Only one pure white albino with pink eyes has ever been spotted," said Kendall, who noted that the bird killed in Bee County had dark eyes. "Ther're magnificent creatures, and very elusive because of their coloration." Jackson regularly watched the all-white hawk as it perched atop a phone pole alongside Texas 673 between Pawnee and Beeville or in a nearby live oak tree. But he couldn't get close enough to take a good photograph until about two months ago. "He was quite predictable," Jackson said. "But he was very spooky. He'd always fly away." "Dr. Lily Engles, president of the Texas Ornithological Society, denounced the shooting. "I think it's very sad that there are people out there that shoot birds of prey and any of the nation's wildlife that are not game animals for sport," Engles said. Karger imagines that whoever killed the bird did so because it stood out and was different.
A Partial Albino Red-Tail hawk.
Photo by Roy Lukes
"This particular bird, being a white bird, that's just a fun target, that's what this was," said Karger, who added the shooter should not be confused with sportsman and women. "He was not shot by a hunter," Karger said. "He was shot by someone who was uneducated and an idiot, and in my opinion, a slob." Tom Mason, a special agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Corpus Christi who is investigating the case, recently retrieved the dead bird from the Beeville resident who found it in the center of Texas 673. He declined to discuss the specifics of the case. Mason did say that whoever shot the bird could be punished with a $5,000 fine and six months in jail for violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The bird's apparent mate - she doesn't have any white feathers - still shows up at the phone pole in vain, Mason said. He urged anyone with information about the case to call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's operation Game Thief at (800) 792-4263. Mason said only a few birds of prey are killed each year in Texas - a far cry from the day when raptors were universally dispatched as "chicken hawks" by farmers and ranchers. "There're no threat to property. There're no threat to people," Mason said, adding that hawks help keep rodent populations in check. "They're a benefit." Jackson said he previously was wary of publicizing the hawk's existence. "We worried about it, because we know there are people out there who are spoilers, they're going to try and knock down something that's attractive to other people," he said. Now that the white hawk is dead, Jackson said he hopes news stories about the incident and possible prosecution will help prevent future shootings of federally protected raptors. "Hopefully, this will be the end of that type of activity," he said.
A Partial Albino Red-Tail hawk.
Photo by Roy Lukes

My Personal Thoughts

I have personally seen a partial red-tail hawk in Logan, Utah. It was in 1984 and a friend and myself spent three months trying to trap it to take photographs of it. The bird was a female and was very elusive. We could not get closer than about 300 to 500 yards from her before she took to the air. These birds are very, very rare! U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service needs to impliment heavier fines for such birds; or any other species that is found offering an "oddity" color phase no matter what species it is. Also, they need to actually fine the person the stated amount and give him/her the maximum jail sentence. Screw this "first time offense" crap! They violated the law, so punish them to the fullest extent! After all, they killed one of "our" animals. An animal that belongs to everyone of us who enjoy wildlife and animals in general. All too often people who commit crimes, especially those against animals, are caught, simply given a small slap on the wrist and maybe a small [for sake of argument] $500 fine. This is not good enough. It immediately implants a message in that persons head that they can "basically get away with it." And with that in their small, feable, little mind, they will do it again if given the chance! If the justice system was enforced against these violaters and poachers, there would be much less killing of our protected species. Just a little note. While we were trying to capture the bird mentioned above, we had a valid Raptor Capture Permit in our possession. Keep in mind that it is illegal for any person to trap, catch, possess, transfer, barter, sale or trade wildlife without a valid permit from their State and/or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. If you have comments on this article or my personal thoughts or anything about wildlife and the laws governing it, feel free to drop me a line.
Wild pair of Red-Tails rasing young.  The Partial Albino is the tiercel (male).

Legend of the White Raven Spirit

At the beginning, when the Earth was fresh and new, the Great Spirit, sent down His Raven to enjoy this new cre- ation. As Raven soared down from cloud to cloud he began to take the color of the snow crystals that touched his wings, each crystal being different, like the creation on the earth. The Great Spirit told him, you will be like the snow flakes you have gathered on your wings, a part of everything new, everything that I have created. You will be for all people. As White Raven soared in the clouds the cool air rushed under his wings, he was singing and shouting songs of praise to his Creator. One day he wanted to touch and feel the ground and taste the earth below. He wanted someone to keep him company, but he knew when he landed he would soil his feathers having to settle on the ground below. So the Great Spirit, wishing to please this special one, created a special spirit mate for White Raven, a White Buffalo where he could land and rest. Now there were many of these new Buffalo but only one as white as the snow. They moved about and covered many lands. White Raven found his spirit mate, the White Buffalo below and would ride on his back, resting and smelling the sweetness of earth, making many pleasant sounds in thanks for his new home. Now he could help White Buffalo and his brothers and sisters find good places to roam for food. Every day White Raven would fly high into the air soaring around, spotting fine places of grass for his brother. When he would look down, he could see White Buffalo as bright as the mornings sun among the others earth colored ones. White Buffalo could be found easily and then led to the good eating places. He would sing to the White Buffalo, "Come here, come here, come here, the grass is good, good, good, then laugh". They would fly, and run, and play, and eat, and enjoy all that was given to them. Then came a time when the Great Spirit put new creatures on the Earth. They were called humans and walked on two legs. The humans were the color of the earth, the place where they came from, and were very smart. They would sing and make fires to The Creator in thanks for their life and the beauty He had given them. But the human became very hungry and asked the Great Spirit what they should do. The Great Spirit pointed them to the White Raven and told them, "I gave to the White Raven the White Buffalo, so he could guide him to places where his brothers and sisters could eat the good grasses. Now I will give you any buffalo except the White one, to fill your lodges and stomachs and keep you warm so you and your families will never go hungry and never be cold. But remember without the White Buffalo it will be hard to see the others and hunt because they are like you, the color of the Earth. The humans did what they were told, and after a hunt would first thank the Great Spirit, then the buffalo for his spirit, food and skin for warmth and protection. All things were very happy and gave thanks every day. One morning, White Raven woke up from a good sleep on the soft back of White Buffalo, and stretched his wings. Flying high into the air looked for a nice place for his brother to eat for the day. While high above the hills he saw a different kind of human, although they looked the same he could feel their hearts were not the same as the others he had known. The new humans were thoughtless caring only for themselves and killed many animals that they could not eat or use for their families. White Raven talked to the Great Spirit asking what are these humans doing, they do not thank You or the ones whose spirit they send to You. They gather up much that they cannot take or use and it goes to waste. The Great Spirit said He was unhappy with these ones. On that very day, one of the new humans saw the beautiful White Buffalo who was not paying attention to the ground, but looking up in the air to follow White Raven to a new area to eat and play. The new human creeped up on White Buffalo and took his life and spirit, not following the command of the Great Spirit. Then the new human did not thank The Great Spirit or the White Buffalo for this spirit, food or skin, leaving much of the body there to rot in the sun. This made The Great Spirit very sad and angry. He began to cry from the clouds and sent sharp streaks of bright anger to the ground. White Raven was very sad, his spirit mate had been taken from him and he had no place to stand or sleep any longer. White Buffalos brothers and sisters ran off causing a great rumbling that went to the heavens and began to shake the earth and the clouds. The Great Spirit let His tears begin to fall from the clouds showing His sorrow. White Raven cried and yelled as he circled his spirit mates lifeless body from high above. As the days past and the tears continued, White Raven began to tire since he no longer had his place to rest. The streams began to overflow and the seas and the lakes rose to a point where there was very little dirt left. After many days, exhausted and soaked with rain, White Raven landed on a small piece of of muddy ground. The dirt splashed up on his body and wings. He tried to move about but he got more and more discolored with the mud . He began to change color to black as the mud spread all over his body, flopping around trying to get back into the air. A day or two passed and White Raven now was completely black and covered with mud. The water had risen to a point where the only piece of ground left was being covered with the rising flood. Far away White Raven saw an old man and his family floating towards him in a large canoe and he cried out "here, here, come, here, come here!" The Elder noticed him and came over to him and picked him up.. The elder was very kind and wise, he fed him and dried him off. Now by this time the entire earth was covered with water and the tears had stopped. The Great Spirit now would mourn silently. White Raven told the elder of his journey and what had happened to him and his friend, White Buffalo. Elder told him that The Great Spirit had spared him from the great rains to look for anything good, but there was much evil in the world and there was not much to save. The elder explained that again, along time in the future not only will there be good on the earth but evil also. When this time comes the Great Spirit will have to again cleanse the earth of this evil. White Raven was now strong enough to fly back into the heavens. As he left the elder and his family he thanked him for his kindness and began to soar back to The Great Spirit. The Great Spirit told the elder he would He would create only black Ravens, to remind all peoples of the evil that man can create. The Great Spirit at a the time in the future when the earth is filled with evil will again send His White Raven. This time he will not turn to black or be soiled, but remain forever the color The Great Spirit had given him in the beginning. One will see White Raven and he will give this message to many Nations and to all who will listen to him and what he says about The Great Spirit. This one will be giving a warn- ing to all, of bad times that are coming. White Raven will again have the soft white back of his spirit mate to rest on, and everyone should listen to his warning;" Return to the Great Spirit, give Him songs of praise. Burn fires that will let their smokes rise up to Him as a pleasing smell. Put away your evil ways and desires, putting The Great Spirit as the Way to follow, so He will be pleased with us." White Raven then soared up towards the Great Spirit, into the clouds. The snow crystals began to cleanse the fea- thers of White Raven as he flew through the clouds going ever higher until he again became as he was in the beginning, The Way, The Great Spirit had meant him to be. So we must all be waiting and looking for this time that is in the future. For the return of the White Raven. This time will come to turn to the Great Spirit again. We will still try our evil ways, destroying what He has done for us. Will we do the things that we were meant to do in the beginning. Love The Great Spirit, live in peace with all, love The Way The Great Spirit loves us, and treat everyone as He treats us. This is what is written, this is The Way it must be.

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Other Albinos

Here because they are beautiful!

This moose and the two albino moose were photographed in Michigan, near Wisconsin.
Here are two pics of ablino bison that were sent to my by Andrew Howsden from Colorado:

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Sadly, the videos have all been deleted by their owners :(

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Other Leukistics

Here because they are different

A black fawn (deer)

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